La Fábrica - Trailer

Lab 1: with Flamenco as their point of departure, three dancers travel through their own thoughts and imaginations. Recorded at the final show of the Dutch Flamenco Biënnale at the Dansmakers in Amsterdam, in February 2013. 

Accompanied by percussion and voice, Expeditie Flamenco interpret Chinese Moondance, Afro-Cuban ambience, Indian grooves and Bossanova melodies. Vocals: Maria Marin Gordillo, percussion: Claudio Spieler, dance: Hannet Engel, Carmen Buitenhuis and Annemarie van Drecht.

Por Soleá in the opening act for Ida y Vuelta by La Serrana, in Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam, 2012. Vocals: Jeromo Segura, Juan José Amador, guitar: Luis Amador, dance: Carmen Buitenhuis, Hannet Engel and Annemarie van Drecht.